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Clearly, those who know they will be Left Behind in Hell's lake of fire are applying the Bush Doctrine and have launched a preemptive strike to freeze Hell before they are sent there.
We must develop alternative energy sources before Hell freezes over.

The Neo-Geo-Theo-Thermal Theory Society supports faith-based scientific research which will prove that global warming is causing Hell to freeze over.

Global Warming is Causing Hell to Freeze Over

Seeing is believing

Watch this authentic YouTube video of Hell’s WebCam to see for yourself how new cold-climate demons are being bred to survive in Hell’s new frozen landscape.


Hell will freeze over when oil runs out

It’s just common sense that oil was put under the Middle East for a reason. Since most of the world’s oil is under the site of the final war against the forces of evil, it’s obvious that the world’s oil was meant to fuel the fires of Hell.

For many years, international oil companies have been pumping the oil intended to stoke the fires of Hell up to the Earth’s surface. The energy from Hell’s oil has been released into the atmosphere by cars, airplanes, and factories. We believe this transfer of energy is what is causing the Earth’s surface to get warmer, while, at the same time, causing Hell to get colder.

We know that Neo Geo Theo Thermal Theory is true. All we need now is some evidence. Support the Neo-Geo-Theo-Thermal Theory Society with your generous seed donation.